Michelle E. Farley debuts Children’s Book Dudley Magnificent Presents: A Little book of Joy



Age appropriate stories can be the best resource to prepare kids for a brilliant and healthy future. Michelle Elaine Farley’s new book, “Dudley Magnificent Presents: A Little book of Joy” reinforces that belief with a simple and engaging book about joy and happiness.  Farley has made it her mission to encourage children to celebrate the everyday small experiences that bring them happiness.

“Often times the simplest things are the most complex. The Dudley Magnificent series is what every childhood should have–adventures, safety and unconditional love from family.” said Farley. “I wanted to write a story about a little boy who enjoys his Mom and Dad. He possesses no superpowers; he’s just a sweet little boy who loves his life.”

The book is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, and other fine book retailers nationwide on November 15, 2018. Pre-orders are available now.

Dudley Magnificent is happy to share his world of joy! In fact, he teaches everyone that happiness can come in the smallest things. Whether he is reading a book or enjoying a road trip, fun and excitement is around every corner. 

“Joy and happiness is not formed by some magic wand from the sky. It is a wonderfully complex state of well-being that can be strengthened with time and practice,” said Farley.

For more information and pre-order visit https://www.dudleymagnificientbooks.com or send an email to Info@dudleymagnificientbooks.com

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AboutMichelle Elaine Farley

Michelle Elaine Farley grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio, a middle-sized suburb on the outskirts of Cleveland. At an early age, she found escape from her reality through the books of Toni Morrison and Alice Walker. Inspired by the art of storytelling, Michelle dedicated herself to learning the rules of writing. To this end, she earned a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and film production from Cleveland State University. Additionally, she earned an MFA in creative writing from LaJolla University. Now residing in Columbus, Ohio, Michelle is the head ignitor of fresh ideas at Farley Creative Co., a boutique copywriting agency specializing in education, technology, and healthcare industries. Currently, Michelle is working on the second installment of the Dudley Magnificent series. She is also in pre-production on her first short film tentatively titled ‘The Visit.’


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