Michigan’s Roofing Company Explains How Often A New Roof Is Required


Michigan’s Roofing Company Explains How Often A New Roof Is Required

A recent survey found that most homeowners were unaware of when they should look at replacing their roof or how long their roof could last. Michigan’s roofing company which has become a leader in their field answers the questions that all homeowners need to know about their roof.


A leading Michigan roofing company which provides a complete and professional roofing service which is covered with a full guarantee, provides important information on how long a roof will last and when people in Michigan should consider replacing it.


One of the biggest questions a homeowner will ask when it comes to their roof is how often should a roof be replaced, and the next biggest roofing question is how to make a roof last longer. The Michigan roofing company has looked at all the popular roofing questions and provided the answers below.


1.       How long will a roof last? With that question comes many different answers. Not every roof is made from the same materials and that is why the answer can vary. A wood shake roof can last around 30 years while an asphalt shingle roof can last about 20 years where a fibre cement shingles roof can last 25 years.

One important note about how long a roof will last is, it can last longer if it receives a regular inspection and repairs are done before they turn into a major problem.


2.       When should I have my roof inspected? According to the Michigan roofing company, a roof should be inspected after bad weather. Bad winds, and other types of bad weather can damage a roof and shorten the life-span of that roof.


3.       What signs should I look for which will tell me that my roof needs a professional Michigan roofing company? There are many signs to look out for, and the Michigan roofing company would be more than happy to answer those questions by phoning (586) 930-4033. But, some of those signs to look out for include a curled, cracked or missing shingles. Other signs to look out for include:


Damaged Shingles


Sagging Roof Deck


Clogged Gutters


Algae Growth and Wet Spots


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