Microsoft co-founder interested in QNT Quant Overledger


At a small event in New York on Friday 29th March, an investment firm run by the Microsoft co-founder, unveiled their new interest into the blockchain world “I need to admit that we are finding very interesting technical solutions in the blockchain technology another big plus is that The big institutions are not in the space yet and I believe we are only in the 1st inning.”

This year already represents a turning point for blockchain technology. Through pilot trials and proof of concept, from companies to public entities, consortiums and even governments are immersed in an exploration period to determine blockchain’s potential, understand its limits and define the regulatory framework in which it can operate.

It seems like Bill Gates wants to become the pioneer in this field “We want to keep first place in technology adaptation to offer faster and simplest solutions to everybody, we are having a close look at QNT Overledger OS, it looks that the ecosystem around this technology is extremely dynamic and easy to use”

Blockchain technology was created to serve a highly political intent, a free and uncensored network where all can participate with equal access, but its use is not limited to just that, it will help all business boost their sales and revenue, decrease operating costs and ultimately soar their profits.

If huge corporations are already taking advantage of it, how long will it take before small businesses will open their eyes to this game changing technology?

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