Migrastil Migraine Stick Now Available in Canada


[Wilmington, NC, January 16, 2019—] Basic Vigor Nutraceuticals, LLC announced Wednesday that its best-selling product, Migrastil Migraine Stick, is now available in Canada. The aromatherapy roll-on for migraine sufferers will be sold in Showcase Stores across Canada, as well as several Showcase stores in the northeastern U.S.

“We’re excited that our Canadian customers now have an option in addition to mail ordering our Migraine Stick from the U.S.,” said Basic Vigor General Manager Scott Griffin. “We’ve seen growing interest in Migraine Stick from Canada, but the cost and delay when ordering from the U.S. are big negatives for some. Showcase is a great chain and we’re proud that our flagship product will now be available in their stores.”

More information about Migraine Stick is available at MigraineStick.com.

Basic Vigor Nutraceuticals, LLC is a family-owned business headquartered in North Carolina that develops and markets natural health products.


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Scott Griffin at 855-779-3241, or email scott@migrastil.com