Millions In Forged Bank Checks and Political Corruption Plots Stopped in Florida After Bank Holdings Company Suspects an International Identity Theft Attempt


New York, New York, July 15, 2019: HMK Holdings LP, a large international bank holding company, has reported its second quarter earnings along with confirmation of completion of delayed tax filings which included payments of estimated foreign partner tax withholdings. Sources close to HMK reported that its Chief Officer intentionally delayed the tax filings due to the suspicion of Corporate Espionage and Tax Identify theft.

In late 2018 HMK uncovered a global conspiracy to steal the identity of HMK Holdings and its Chief Officer in a global international money laundering and theft attempt, which HMK had reported to the international Anti Money Laundering authorities and NSA earlier in June. Copies of forged checks supposedly made from the company to individuals named in the conspiracy were retrieved after HMK began to receive calls from parties looking to cash the forged checks.

Several journalists investigating were able to retrieve the official FTC report which provided the names of those reported in the conspiracy due to the suspicion that the funds being stolen were for the financing of terrorism due in part to one of the named conspirators, Angel Ferdinand Marcos. Arrested in December 2017 on Guns and Arms charges, which are listed in the UN Convention as an Act of Terrorism, Angel has been attempting to act as the owner of HMK right from his jail cell in the Philippines. Shortly after his incarceration, attempts were made for his release from a Stennet Davidson, posing as a UN Official. His actual status with the United Nations is unknown however sources close to Mr. Marcos reported that Mr. Davidson received gifts from Angel Marcos along with promises of future payoffs for his help. These payments were implied to be used for greasing wheels to assist making changes to political powers needed to carry on their unscrupulous mission. Notifications from Davidson and his aides showed he made international travels to China, Japan, Switzerland, France, Washington D.C. and the Philippines. It is unknown which political regime was being greased.

Two other named conspirators were also indicated as Arthur (AJ) Lewis, the issuer of the forged checks and Kirk Bradach, the named beneficiary of the checks. Both parties also having deep ties with Angel Marcos, had been working from within the United States and Caribbean further supporting the identity theft and takeover of HMK Holdings. Reports show Arthur Lewis and Stennet Davidson have been close life partners since at least April 2015 with Kirk Bradach being added to the threesome shortly after. Together, all three reside in the southern Florida.

Representatives of HMK commented by saying “We are not at liberty to discuss specifics outside of what is found in the reports. However, There will always be criminals making foolish attempts. When you can stop global terrorism from growing, we are all accountable to act with integrity and honor. It’s our obligation to assist those in power and help all humans worldwide.”