MIX AMORE Dating App Is Gaining The Attention Of Investors Due To Its Success


Angel Investors are showing an Interest in new dating app due to its modern approach to dating and its quick rise to the top.


A new Multicultural and “True” interracial dating app is fast becoming one of the most talked dating apps of 2019. Since being launched, MIX AMORE has gained exposure around the world, and as such has gained the attention of some big named investors


MIX AMORE is using cutting edge technology to transform the dating world and provide a Multicultural and interracial dating app that really does connect people in the right way. The success of the dating app has resulted in long-term relationships being formed, making it one of the most successful dating apps on the market.


The new dating app has been featured on “Atlanta Tech Edge” TV show, sponsored Jezebel Magazine’s “20 Most Eligible Singles” and a presenter at “The Consumer Show” which is held by Switchyard Downtown Club in Atlanta. It has also been featured in media around the world. However, although the dating app has gained some serious attention from the media, one of the most exciting pieces of information about MIX AMORE is the attention it’s gaining from Angel Investors.


Some big named businesspeople as previously reported have shown a serious interest in MIX AMORE, which is unheard of with a new app. That says a lot about MIX AMORE and the success of the app and the hard work that has gone into building a success story.


When asked why the app stands out, Graceful Grady, the Founder and CEO of Mix Amore replied: “Mix Amore is the first and only dating app with its patent pending “twifometer” algorithm. The main problem for breakups and divorces is Social Media a.k.a TWIFING (Twitter, Whatsup, Instagram, and Facebook). Now you have the option to be matched to someone based on social media usage…may it be 1 hour, 3 hours, 5 hours or 8 hours a day! What a fascinating.”


Leading business and technology experts have credited the founder of MIX AMORE for having a proper understanding of what people want from a dating app. While other business experts have said MIX AMORE could become the most used dating app in the world.


To learn more about Mix Amore, please visit www.mixamore.com


About Mix Amore

Mix Amore has intentions to be the most respectable matchmaker app for open-minded individuals who has an interest in multicultural and interracial relationships locally or internationally.


Company name: Mix Amore

Website: www.mixamore.com

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