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Modern Forex Education: How to Choose a Trading Academy to Avoid Failure

Nowadays more and more people are searching for a source of additional income and Forex is a more tempting opportunity than ever before. Unfortunately, 90% of all Forex traders FAIL! Believe it or not, but that is the harsh reality! What most people who are starting with currency trading don’t really understand is that if you want to trade currency for a living, you need solid Forex training. The truth is that no currency trader will succeed without knowing the fundamentals of building a solid Forex trading strategy, analyzing risk, and managing money the right way. Those are considered to be the essential Forex pillars and very often are the main reasons for failure. Therefore, it is crucial to find a trading academy that will actually teach you how to understand and properly apply the above Forex trading fundamentals. This will not only bring you one step closer to success but it will also help you avoid making a costly mistake.

Modern Forex Training Is Now In Online Trading Academies

Online education is growing rapidly. Many people prefer investing in online academies rather than in physical courses in order to save some and money. By following this trend, Forex trading education is also changing. Modern trading academies are all online, allowing Forex traders to be more flexible and benefit from multiple features at a lower cost. More and more trading enthusiasts purchase online Forex trading academy memberships, which unlock access to a variety of educational resources in the field.

What To Look For When Choosing A Forex Academy

The most important part of every academy is the level of resources being offered. Good trading academies will give you access to plenty of Forex trading courses, webinars, trading tools. All those tutorials combined with a lot of practical examples with help you stay on the right track and speed up the learning process.

Another crucial aspect to pay attention to, is the community around the Forex academy – the more people involved, the more beneficial it will be for you. Let’s not forget also good customer support. Exceptional customer service is a priority for every reputable company, and online Forex academies are not exempt from this rule.

It is essential to see that there is a good team behind the trading academy you chose. This will ensure that the academy resources will be constantly updated with more and more new information added over time. Plus for your convenience, you will have everything you need in one place.

ForexBoat OnlineTrading Academy Is Worth Trying

One of the hottest online Forex trading academies out there is ForexBoat. These guys are Australian trading enthusiasts dedicated to helping people to learn how to trade Forex and make a profit out of it. Their idea of Forex trading education is to make the complex simple by providing high-quality training. Access to the ForexBoat trading academy will give you multiple educational features and at the same time, it won’t break the bank. You can choose between flexible pricing plans and even free membership with limited access.

ForexBoat Features

The most attractive features of the ForexBoat Academy are:

  • 10 Forex Trading Courses: more and more are being uploaded every quarter.
  • 2 Live Webinars/Month: different mentors cover different topics.
  • Access to Full Webinar Database (Trader Only): all webinar recordings.
  • Access to Private Trading Community: has a community of all members and mentors .
  • 1 Live Analysis Session/Week: in the community group.
  • Economic Calendar: displays the most important economic events that affect currencies.
  • Full Forex Trading Calculator: calculates trading levels and progress after you enter relevant data.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: our mentors can be found via email, chat, as well as in the private community group.

In addition to the courses that are always available, every month you will receive 2 live webinars and 4 weekly live analysis sessions. That means 6 hourly sessions with a trained instructor, every month. Not bad considering that having Forex experts at hand, helping you at all times is not something you can find in many places.

The best thing is that ForexBoat is open for both newbies and more experienced Forex traders, as their courses match different levels of knowledge.

ForexBoat Pricing Plans and Coupon

This Forex trading academy offers a straightforward pricing scheme which is definitely interesting for every trader’s needs and wallet. Currently, there are two main pricing plans related to the features above:

  • Trader Member: $197.00/year (paid annually).
  • Student Member: $19.70/year (paid monthly).

In addition, ForexBoat shows extreme flexibility in terms of pricing and if you are not after any of these subscription options, you can still get any of their courses separately. In addition to this, very often they conduct promotions on their website For example, the current offer gives 50% off the standard trader plan if you use HALFOFFACADEMY at the checkout.

However, if you want to make sure that you won’t miss a thing, it is to better subscribe to receive their regular updates.

In the end, you need to choose your Forex education before jumping into the deep waters of trading, and you need to do it with the necessary due diligence.

Always pay attention to the resources offered, as well as the structure of the pricing plans. Never forget that the level of customer support is a reflection on the overall service offered.

So, choose wisely!




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