Modern Fresca Announces its Official Opening


Modern Fresca

Modern Fresca has the finest fashion all in one place: their new women’s clothing and accessories store which has just been opened. From unique dresses to bottoms to accessories, they have you covered. 

On Modern, women can find a wide range of dazzling floral dresses, party/occasion dresses, leggings, rompers, jewelry, shoes, bags, sunglasses, blouses and shirts, jeans, and more. Their products are carefully sourced with an emphasis on style, quality, and individuality.

Modern Fresca is a treasure trove of amazing clothes and dresses for women. Here, you can discover fashion’s best secret in fearlessly feminine fashions curated for those who wear it like no one else. At Modern Fresca, they are committed to helping women look and feel their best in distinctively fashionable styles. From everyday essentials to unique clothing, their collections cater to an attitude, not an age.

Modern Fresca is a great place for online shopping because women get incredible savings while purchasing stylish items. As a top clothing and accessories boutique, its goal is to provide women with the best quality and fit expected. The store always updates and adds to their collection of women’s clothing and accessories, making sure these pieces are not only trendy and fun, but also as comfortable as they are well-made.

The women’s apparel market is excited about Modern Fresca’s official opening. In addition to offering the finest and most unique clothes and dresses in the industry today, the brand offers their customers trust and ease that can make them shop online without any doubts or fear. Modern Fresca is expected to take Market share of other eCommerce fashion stores.

About Modern Fresca

In “Modern Fresca,” the first word, “Modern” is inspired by walks through Milan; enjoying a cappuccino at an outdoor café shop, and going out with friends for a fun night in the town. “Fresca,” the Italian word for “cool” is a walk through the town square in a beautiful Mediterranean village surrounded by a scenic ocean view.

Michele Ross Catania, the founder was inspired by his Italian Grandmother who was a seamstress in NYC and in Naples, Italy in the early 1950s to the 1980s. 

Step into a wonderful style today by wearing some of the exquisite items that Modern Fresca sells. You’ll surely enjoy the pleasant outdoors in a brand of dress that is comfortable, yet allows you to express your uniqueness at that given moment.

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