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Data leaks has become big news in recent years with the continued growth of companies being affected. According to reports, a data leak costs on average $2.2million per incident. Digitpol, an international investigation agency is warning that more needs to be done to safeguard customers data.


Digitpol, an international investigation company which specializes in digital forensics, corporate investigations, fraud investigations, investigations of corruption and commercial espionage has warned more needs to be done to stop data leaks.


Data breach and data leaks have become a serious problem in the USA and the world. It is estimated that data leaks cost a company around $2.2million per incident. With recent data leaks which include Equifax, Marriot, Cathey Pacific and Google, it is no wonder why the general public have become seriously concerned about their data being held on computer.


Just over a year ago 143 million records were breached with Equifax, and more recently 29 million users were affected with the Facebook data leaks. The Marriott which exposed 500 million customers to data leaks sent shockwaves through the hotel industry. Cathy Pacific have also admitted they have been affected by data leaks where they responded to reports that 9.4million passengers had been affected. So, what is going wrong, why are so many people having their personal data put at risk and why should those that keep customers data on computer being doing to tackle the problem.


According to the international investigation experts Digitpol, businesses need to spend more on cyber security, strict security policies and implementing tools to monitoring of suspicious traffic. Training and education is an essential part of combatting cyber crime, firms should cooperate with public and private sectors to jointly combat attacks, cooperate in training, awareness and when possible share modus operandi with cyber security firms. Tackling data leaks is important to bring confidence back and to reduce the risk to their customers. One way of doing this is to keep data breach plans fully up to date and to keep them in-line with the industry standards.


Digitpol are recommending that businesses which keep customers data in databases to focus more on monitoring traffic on their networks. A hacker will monitor their target on a continued basis and make a number of tests before they strike and by monitoring the network closely with automated tools and experts, a change in traffic can be detected and action can be put in place to stop hackers attacking the network. Most attacks occur when business are closed or at weekends, firms should outsource the monitoring to cyber security companies.


A spokesman for Digitpol’s operations unit explained business can do more proactive measures to protect their systems and customers from data leaks. “It is important to utilize automated tools, install probes in data centres, stronger monitoring and install encryption to safeguard networks from hackers. More training focused on “action” and the proactive approach needs to be put in place where those in charge of the network can be trained to detect hacking attempts and take action before data has been compromised and stolen. Data breach policies should be kept up to date with industry standards and integrated with response team, management and external consultants. The early response to a data breach is essential. The lack of “action” is the key problem, firms need to be more proactive with cyber response teams and cooperate with their local CERT centers.


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