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Alternative Health Insurance

Judith Allen a Medi-Share agent is helping people to save money on their health insurance. The insurance finance expert explains the benefits that Biblical alternative health insurance provides.


The cost of living is increasing, and more debts are being accumulated. For those people who find health insurance too expensive and adding to their debt problems then Medi-Share agent Judith Allen has some great news. She would like to introduce affordable biblical insurance which is a real alternative to standard health insurance. This alternative faith base insurance has gained huge exposure for helping people in their hour of need.


This powerful healthcare service ( has really changed the way people safeguard themselves against unexpected medical problems and bills. It is much more affordable than the standard medical insurance and unlike other insurance companies, there is no fear about not being covered.


Since Medi-Share was formed back in 1993 it has helped its members save and share over $2.6 billion in medical bills, providing a real solution and powerful medical care system for its members. Medi-Share ( has helped people with normal medical bills as well as serious and costly medical bills including long-term illnesses, kidney problems, organ transplants, and trauma incidents.


Health insurance premiums in the U.S continue to rise at an unaffordable rate.  While health insurance should be available to all, more and more people are unable to afford it even though previous Governments promised things would change. According to a recent report, the number one reason for personal bankruptcy in 2017 was down to medical costs, that can change thanks to the Christian-based alternative to health care.


There are many benefits when it comes to Medi-share, they include:


It is affordable and cost-effective.

Membership cannot be terminated for developing a medical condition.

Medi-Share does not impose annual or lifetime limits.

Funeral expenses are covered under Medi-Share.


To learn more about Medi-Share and why it has become so popular, please visit


About Medi-Share

Medi-Share is a non-profit health care sharing ministry and its members are exempt from the individual mandate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act found in United States Code § 5000A(d)(2)(B). Medi-Share is not insurance, does not guaranty payment of any member’s medical bills, and is not subject to insurance regulation in any state. Several states provide express exemptions from their insurance regulations for health care sharing ministries that publish prescribed notices and meet certain other requirements.