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Families of all incomes taking advantage of money saving offers

October 18, 2018 – Voucher and discount websites in the United Kingdom have grown to unprecedent popularity in recent years. Families in particular are turning to these websites during the holiday season to reduce the strain of Christmas shopping.

Voucher Ninja, one of the U.K.’s leading voucher and discount websites, is preparing for a holiday onslaught by customers. The website promotes a variety of discounts from companies such as Currys, Travelodge, and Aldi. Customers can get up to 50 percent off or more on certain products using Voucher Ninja’s discount codes.

According to the Guardian, it isn’t just clothing and household items customers purchase using voucher websites. Users purchase travel, entertainment, and dining out with discounts acquired from websites like Voucher Ninja. Research shows that nine out of 10 adults “regularly use online vouchers, tokens and offers” to get the best deals available.

Companies now have the ability to directly connect with customers and attract new clientele by offering deals found exclusively on the Internet. Christmas is one of the biggest shopping times of the year. In 2017, the average household spent £475.51 on gifts while the average spend on food and drink was just over £225. Voucher Ninja and its competitors seek to alleviate the burden of spending per household in the U.K.

The influx in consumers using voucher and discount websites means the variety on offer is ever expanding. Food, drink, amusement park admission, and other types of coupons are now available to the public. In many cases, websites offer a variety of great discounts from one company. For example, Voucher Ninja gives customers the chance to choose and cater their voucher around the products they wish to purchase.

By connecting customers at Christmas time with gifts at reasonable prices, Voucher Ninja and other coupon code websites help the average person save money during the holidays. The growth of voucher websites won’t end anytime soon as consumers continue to sign up to these money saving platforms.

About Voucher Ninja

Voucher Ninja is a U.K.-based voucher and discount coupon code website. The website offers customers more than 50,000 coupon codes to choose from on a daily basis. Voucher Ninja offers free discount codes customers can use to save money on items such as clothing, electronics, travel, and more.



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