Nashville Kratom Herb Store Offers Kratom Supplements at Supply Limited Discount


{Nashville, Tennessee} –  A local Nashville herbal store, East-West Herbal Apothecary,  is pleased to offer a special supply limited sale on its house Kratom powder supplements beginning July 19, 2019.

East-West Herbal Apothecary, a Nashville Tennessee based herb store specializing in Kratom powders, CBD oils, and other herbal formulas is offering a sale on its current stock of Kratom powders.   The discount is being offered as a 50% price reduction for in-house Kratom powders older than 90 days.  The sale will continue until supplies run out.

Dr. Jeff Hargis, the lead herbalist at East-West Herbal Apothecary, acknowledged that the company’s commitment to quality was the reason behind this decision.  “We maintain high freshness standards for all of our herbal products,” he stated.  “This is important for us so that we can provide the highest quality Kratom powders and supplements,” he continued. 

The Kratom powders that East-West Herbal Apothecary offer, are used by people looking for alternative helps for dealing with certain addictions, insomnia, pain and more.  While Kratom is not legal in every state, there is a growing awareness of it’s potential benefits. There are many anecdotal stories of people who claim they received help from it’s appropriate usage.  But as with any herb, purity and quality are important components of whether an herbal product provides relief or assistance..

Dr Hargis also stated, “As a result of our rather stringent standards, our buyers benefit from herbs that have not lost their potency from sitting on shelves for extended periods of time.  Because of this, our consumers receive more enhanced health benefits from our supplements and herbal formulations.”

East-West Herbal Apothecary  was established in 2007 and moved to it’s current location in early 2019.  As a well established business with a focus on quality herbs,  it has generated many loyal customers.  The EWHA commitment to providing it’s customers with the freshest quality herbal formulations has become well known in the Nashville area.

To learn more about EWHA  Kratom products and to take advantage of this special 50% off Kratom offer, please contact East-West Herbal Apothecary at or stop by their Nashville location at 3028 Gallatin Pike.    They can also be reached by calling 615-730-8953

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