NETRUM, Revolutionizing The Cryptocurrency Market With Speed, Scalability, and Reliability


“NETRUM offers the solution to all the limitations currently associated with most digital currencies, offering customers increased speed, scalability, and reliability, and features such as Proof of Stake, Proof of Work, Masternode, mobile applications, and integration with existing markets and systems.”

April 10, 2019 – NETRUM offers cryptocurrency users solutions to the everyday woes experienced with traditional cryptocurrency platforms. As Blockchain platforms become increasing common, customers face more and more limitations when it comes to the trust, scalability, reliability, and cost of any solution.

NETRUM offers the solution to all the limitations currently associated with most digital currencies. Built upon a dependable platform, it will be integrated into the existing financial systems with improved security, greener technology, mobile technology, and even localization.

NETRUM Coin provides some advantages for users, with more options available as well. They include Bitcoin open source and fast transaction processing, and other advantages that include:

  • Combination of PoS (Proof of Stake) and PoW (Proof of Work), computer algorithms used to solve Block puzzles to reach verification agreements.
  • Masternode, allowing for direct send, instant transactions, and private transactions.
  • Varied Wallet Options
  • Mobile apps
  • Integration with local economic systems
  • Integration with the existing financial systems
  • Added value for people as it will facilitate the users in varied sectors like education, and many more

NETRUM keeps improving the platform with revolutionary objectives, visions, and strategies for the cryptocurrency market to improve usage in the real-life. With a mobile application, NETRUM can go with you anywhere and can be easily accessible on any Android or iOS, or any other system.

While Bitcoin can only execute four transactions per second, NETRUM is able to execute up to 143 transactions per second with increase speed. Since NETRUM applies the combination of PoW and PoS systems, it is operated in a more cost-effective way that reduces consumption allows the nodes. Additionally, customers can send and receive transactions instantly with no delays or downtime.

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