New App STARTUP CHATBOT Increasing Entrepreneurs And Start-Up Success


A new business tool which uses Artificial Intelligence is set to help entrepreneurs become a success by becoming their business advice expert. Since being launched, it has become one of the most talked about new apps in the business world.

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A new exciting App has been launched that will change the lives of those people looking to start-up their own business. STARTUP CHATBOT, which has already become a huge success and a talking point on social media, has already helped hundreds of people to start their own business the right way.

STARTUP CHATBOT is a Highly intelligent personal business assistant that is full of great knowledge surrounding business matters. This new app is not just for those people thinking of starting a business, it is also for those new business owners who need a business expert by their side while they run and grow their business.

Every Entrepreneurs needs a business expert by their side, sadly, due to the cost of employing a business consultant on a full-time, part-time, or ad-hoc basis not everyone can afford that luxury. Thanks to STARTUP CHATBOT, everyone can now have a business expert at hand 24-hours a day.

The entrepreneurship education app has been designed to allow a person to ask it any question where it will quickly provide the answer. This includes, should I have a business partner, what cities are the best to start up a new business, how to pitch to investors, as well as how to crowdfund. No longer does a person starting up their own business have to feel they are alone in their venture, and no longer do people have to spend hours researching the net to find the answer they are looking for. STARTUP CHATBOT is truly set to change the business world forever and give entrepreneurs a vital tool to help them succeed in business.

More than 627,000 new business start each year. However, 20% of those businesses will fail within the first year, with 30% of new businesses failing in their second year. Sadly, 50% fail of businesses fail to reach their fifth anniversary, but now thanks to STARTUP CHATBOT that is about to change.

This powerful new tool has been described as one of the most important apps to be released this year. For more information about STARTUP CHATBOT, please visit


STARTUP CHAT BOX is a new business tool that acts as a personal business assistant.

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