New Auto Vehicle GPS tracker with ignition kill switch is helping to cut down on vehicle crime


TK119-W 3G Fleet Car Auto Vehicle gps tracker with ignition kill switch

The TK119-W 3G Vehicle GPS tracker comes with a kill switch which can be used by individuals to safeguard their vehicles or commercial outlets to protect their fleet. The device which comes with a long battery life is also being used by car lenders.


A new GPS tracker from SHENZHEN EELINK has become an important security device for fleet managers and individuals alike. The TK119-W 3G Vehicle GPS tracker which updates every 60 seconds comes with an ignition kill switch. If the vehicle has been stolen, the owner of that vehicle can switch off the engine through their computer or mobile phone.


The TK119-W 3G Vehicle GPS tracker allows fleet managers to a close eye on where their vehicles are at any given time. With the tracker providing real-time information on its current location, fleet managers can better plan for pick up and deliveries as well as providing information to the driver on current road conditions.


With the huge increase in vehicle crime, the new GPS tracker has become an important device. If the vehicle has been stolen it can quickly be traced, allowing for a quick return of the vehicle. However, the tracker device is not just being used to cut down on car crime.


The new GPS tracker has now become an important device for car lenders. Thanks to the kill switch on the TK119-W 3G Vehicle GPS tracker, if the borrower has missed a payment then the car lender can use the remote kill switch to disable the vehicle. By having this feature, it grabs the borrower’s attention which results in the mispayment being made.


The compact and affordable GPS tracker device can be used on all types of vehicles from cars, caravans, heavy machinery, boats, and even caravans. With a long battery life and all the added features, the GPS tracker has become one of the most important devices to cut down on vehicle crime.


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