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Aetheon and K’nuba is a new fantasy action adventure book written by Norman R. Colson. The book is now available on Amazon.

new book Aetheon and K'nuba

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform and Amazon are pleased to announce a new book is now available to purchase and download. Aetheon and K’nuba, which is a fantasy action adventure book from Norman R. Colson has caused great excitement with fantasy action fans and is now available to purchase on Amazon.


Each year tens of thousands of books are released on Amazon and through online bookstores, but not many of those books generate much exposure or excitement. However, Aetheon and K’nuba are different. Since being launched, the new novel has generated huge exposure around the world and through social media, making this book one of the most talked about new books of 2018


Aetheon and K’nuba is a new fantasy action adventure book about the ancient and magical world of Terithian. The book tells the story of Prince Aetheon and his telepathic Lyon K’nuba. Prince Aetheon is the first-born son of King Silas and is the heir to the Kingdom of the Ali’a. The young Prince from an early age has been taught how to fight, lead, and how to be a great warrior so he can lead his people into people. What the young prince was not expecting was for his nation to be attacked and to lose his family. This shocking invasion and the loss of his family leading the young prince to revenge his parent’s death which leads him into a world of darkness. Will Aetheon and K’nuba survive, that is the question?


The new novel which is suitable for young adults 12 and above has been written in such a way that it makes the reader feel they are right there in the fantasy world. Aetheon and K’nuba would make the perfect gift for a loved one.

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