New Book My Friends and me at I.B.O.C. Becomes A Big Hit With Children


My Friends and me at I.B.O.C.

The new book by Margaret Sherls takes children on a magical tour. The book has allowed children to explore one of the most magical churches in the world. The author has donated all the proceeds of the book to the Church School, The University of Dreams.


One of the most important religious fiction books for children has now been released on Amazon. My Friends and Me at I.B.O.C., which was written by Margaret Sherls take the young reader on a magical journey of the Inspiring Body of Christ Church.


This new book has quickly gained a great deal of exposure, and it’s not surprising with how the book has been written and the journey it takes the reader on. The story follows a four-year-old boy called Kaiden as he explores the church. The author has been very clever with the book and tells the story through the eyes of the four-year-old who gets excited when he comes across the 80,000-gal aquarium which is equipped with Sharks, Sting Rays, and over 15 species of fish.


The aquarium is an important part of the church. It helps to spread the message of God and how he forgives people for their sins.


When asked to explain the importance of the aquarium in the book, the author replied: “The fish are symbols of the Body of Christ because we all come from many places.”


This is the perfect book to give to any child who wants to join the excitement of exploring new places. Although My Friends and Me at I.B.O.C. is a fun book for children to read, and a great book for parents to read to their children, it is also a book with a powerful message. That message is God is always by your side, no matter how old you are, or where you are in the world.


Margaret Sherls has decided to donate all the proceeds of the book to the Church’s school, The University of Dreams.


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Margaret Dian Sherls is an author of children’s books. This being her first one. She loves to engage children in reading by using animals.


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