New Book The Silent Teachers Gains Huge Exposure Around The World

To grasp a moment in time where all the senses are powerfully charged to almost lift you off your feet? “The Silent Teachers” is a collection of prose, telling short stories about such experiences

Amazon and TopLink Publishing are pleased to announce a popular author by the name of Pryam Bann has released her new book titled The Silent Teachers. The book which has already gained huge exposure around the world and positive reviews by book reviewers is available on Amazon as a paperback.

The author who is originally from Trinidad has put together a collection of powerful prose, telling short stories giving the reader the chance to be put back in an important and happy time in their life.

Pryam who has put together her powerful observation skills in the book has also included her paintings.

Asked to explain more about the book, Pryam Bann explained: “I wish the reader to recall their own moments in time where they felt something and knew “It is a Beautiful, Living, Breathing world, and that we are all a part of this human experience.”

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About Pryam Bann

Originally from Trinidad, resides in Quebec Canada. She was a wife, is a mother and a grandmother. She has always been drawn to the arts and is a self-taught artist and writer. Her purpose is to learn how to be a better human-being today, so she can teach it when the opportunity presents itself tomorrow. She lives in a state of grace and gratitude for all of life’s lessons. Her experiences of pain and suffering have cracked open the imagination and creativity of her soul. As a child, her father would spend his Sundays taking her and her sisters on hikes along rivers in Trinidad. It was always a peaceful and rejuvenating time for her. She instinctively felt a connection with an energy of infinite love and to trust that pain and suffering is only a temporary inconvenience. So out of this truth came “The Silent Teachers.”

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