New Breakout Artist Amer Sal Mohammed Has Launched His New Paintings Online


Amer Sal Mohammed has become one of the most talked about artists of 2018. Saudi Arabia born artist has brought a new flare to the art world and has been described as the next big thing. All of his new art work is available to view online.

One of the most talked about and respected new artists of 2018 is setting the artwork alive with his style that brings the canvas alive. Amer Sal Mohammed, born in Saudi Arabia is generating new fans as each second, minute, and hour of the day passes. The artist is pleased to announce his new artwork is available to purchase from his official website.

Each year thousands of new artists emerge into the art world, but not many of them gain any real attention. However, each year, one or two gain exposure and make the world stand up and take notice; Amer Sal Mohammed is that artist.

Amer Sal Mohammed unique vision, creativity and ability will kick-start art lover’s imagination, taking them to places where their mind has never been, and make them see the true magic in the canvas.

Taking a look into the artist past and his life will allow fans of his work to greater understand the man behind the magical artwork that is displayed in many homes around the world. He was raised by his parents in a strict old natured household. A natural left-handed boy by birth, culturally being left handed was shunned upon. His Aunt & Uncle whom he spent a lot of time with were quite strict about Amer using only his right hand to do daily tasks such as writing and drawing. Sadly, he received countless lashes through his childhood, until he learned to only use his right hand as his dominant hand for all aspects of his daily life.

Amer’s aunt was a local artist who would teach him the true fundamentals on how to draw and paint as she babysat him, she was the first to open his eyes to the endless combinations of colors, shapes, and textures he could create if he only dedicated himself.

When Amer turned twelve, his immediate family decided to move to Toronto, Canada where Amer would then start his life abroad. Art became an obsession, and the young boy excelled in all aspects, painting on anything he could find from papers to floors to walls.

For years he pursued his passion in the form of graphic design and found much success working with a wide-ranging clientele. But he never stopped honing his skills on the canvas and keeping an eye out for current trends before finally bursting onto the scene.

When Amer first decided to turn art into a professional career, he was constantly criticized and ridiculed by friends and family. Told to focus on more tangible and lucrative ventures and was also told art can be a starving and difficult lifestyle to adapt to. He referenced and constantly reminded himself of a famous quote his aunt once told him that he never let himself forget:

“If you hear a voice within you saying, ‘You are not a painter,’ then, by all means, paint, boy, and that voice will be silenced.”  ~ Vincent van Gogh *1

Amer can be constantly found doing live paintings in several venues including Yorkville, Canada’s most exclusive shopping and art districts. He has truly turned the art world on its head and brought inspiration to so many struggling artists by stretching the boundaries of the art world.

He is doing things that most artists have yet to tackle—like incorporating diamonds into his artwork, a new project which involves the strategic placement of real gem quality diamonds into intricate paintings that will truly dazzle the soul.

“With regards to diamonds, the symbolism and history behind the stone are just as powerful as the stone itself. The age, shape, size, and surfaces assume a critical role in portraying an incredible message that addresses each stone individually. Art has the same effect. Just like diamonds, artwork can be extremely powerful and symbolic. Every color, shade, and small detail contribute to the overall theme that each piece is trying to portray.” Amer explained.

For those that want to see his current artwork, and to make a purchase, please visit


About Amer Sal Mohammed

As a young boy living in Saudi Arabia, Amer Sal Mohammed (also known as Amer SM) was first introduced to art by his Aunt, who opened his eyes to the endless combinations of colors, shapes and textures he could create if he only dedicated himself.