New Business Launched To Help People Manage Their Home Wireless Devices


Niagara County New York In-Home Wireless Device Consulting Helps People Get To Grips With Technology. With fifteen years of experience in the wireless industry and with extensive technical skills Christina Illas decided to launch her own business to help people in their home deal with their modern technology.


Christina Illas, A local IT expert decided to take the plunge and launch her own In-Home Wireless Device Consulting business in Niagara County New York. This much-needed service will help the thousands of people who buy gadgets and wireless devices to overcome the problems they may come across.


Imagine, buying the latest wireless device or gadget and being excited to get it home and then struggling to set it up properly and get it working. Having the latest gadget is great but having it left in a box due to not being able to set it up correctly is not great. Setting up a wireless device the wrong way can cause all sorts of headaches, and that is why Christina Illas decided to set up Raeda Tech.


Raeda Tech is a unique In-Home Wireless Device Consulting service that can help people overcome the problems that gadgets and wireless devices can cause. She will visit the person’s home through an appointment and set up the wireless device, so it works properly. Christina Illas provides a coaching, training, teaching and consulting service. She will not only set up the device, but will also show the user how to operate it correctly.


Chrstina who said she has loved helping people with her new business was asked why she decided to set up Raeda Tech: “I have spoken to lots of people who would like the latest gadgets, but they are worried they will not know how to set them up or how they could use them to their full potential. My aim is to help as many people as possible to enjoy what all these wonderful gadgets offer.”


Big companies use wireless device consulting services on a daily basis, but now, thanks to Raeda Tech residents in Niagara County New York. Residents will receive the same level of service as big companies receive but without the high price tag. Christina Illas has kept her prices low with the aim to help as many people as possible.


A lot of people over the age of 60 don’t buy much needed wireless devices due to being scared about how to set it up or how to use it. That means, tens of millions of people are missing out on the amazing gadgets that are available. Christina Illas aims to change that. She will teach those that have a fear of modern gadgets on how to use them, allowing people of any age to have the latest modern devices in their home.


Christina Illas can offer a range of services which include setting up a new device, upgrading a new device, backing up devices, and even showing people how they can save money. This is truly an amazing new service that will help people enjoy their new devices.


Primary Services:

Raeda Tech has what it takes to give you the following:

  • Device coaching and training for any mobile or wireless device.
  • Assistance upgrading or getting a warranty replacement with the option to accompany you to the store to ensure a smooth, painless experience.
  • Setup new/old device or wireless accessory including smart devices and Bluetooth
  • Group sessions
  • Bill review (plan adjust/ save money)


Other Services:

  • Finding the best deals
  • Help switching companies/ unlocking phones
  • transferring data from one device to another
  • Video chat, screen share, text, and email help are also available for simple issues or 24-hour emergency issues
  • lost device protection set up and possible lost device location
  • Password recovery
  • Demo devices available for people who are considering purchasing a new device


To learn more about Raeda Tech, please visit


About Raeda Tech


Raeda Tech was established by a professional wireless device technologist with a focus on providing individual clients with a professional advancing technology service. We offer our client the same (we think better!) service than what other companies offer yet at an affordable rate


Raeda Tech is a mobile business that travels to the customer to assist them with a variety of technology needs; primarily coaching, training, teaching and consulting. Many people have no idea what their devices can do for them to make their life easier, or that there are ways to lessen the frustrations they currently experience.  In addition, there are people who are afraid of technology and just feel overwhelmed, so they ignore it completely.  I have a love of helping people and mobile/wireless technology, hence my brand new business Raeda Tech. 


Notes to the editor

Case study

Most recent client was an IT professional that needed to switch carriers using the same phone.  He scheduled an appointment and I was able to get the phone unlocked, activated on the new carrier and all of the data was restored.  He was extremely happy because he didn’t have to spend the 1.5 hours dealing with all of it.

Another client had a smartphone that was taken over by malware and a Bluetooth headset she didn’t know how to use.  I rid the phone of the malware, made sure her phone was backing up properly in case a hard reset was needed in the future, showed her how to review apps before downloading them, and gave her more space on her phone for apps.  She is also now using her Bluetooth headset instead of speakerphone