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Addison Churchill has announced it is now open to the general public; the cryptocurrency market has long awaited a professional gateway for online traders to access deep liquidity, a professional high-speed trading platform and industry-leading customer service. Addison Churchill’s platform offers more liquidity than any exchange in the world, particularly when it comes to trading in bitcoin and ethereum.

Addison Churchill has created what they call a world book of liquidity through the integration of tier 1 exchanges and market makers into their proprietary trading platform. This unique pool of liquidity provides customers with the ability to fill orders quicker and at the prices desired within a tighter bid-ask spread. The company operates on an open book principle displaying complete transparency on limit orders and market depth.

Customers can expect a secure, high speed, low latency trading infrastructure supported by a team of market professionals with decades of decentralized brokerage and trading experience in foreign exchange. At present, the platform has approximately 30 instruments available to trade, including BTC and ETH trades against the US Dollar and the Euro and the Japanese Yen. Customers can currently fund accounts using cryptocurrency, with plans to fund with FIAT over the coming months.

Addison Churchill has now begun to accept new applications for token listings and is seeing strong demand. Addison Churchill’s current token listings are expected to attract upwards of approximately 500,000 customers thus increasing market share and providing even more liquidity to traders on the platform.
For further details, you can visit Addison Churchill Corp at or email

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