Singer, songwriter and producer, CAVEMANBONES, has recently released his project “New Dayz”, a musically fascinating and explorative piece that unifies vintage soulfulness with future RnB.

This budding young artist has been a lover of music for as long as he can remember. His upbringing around Washington DC and Maryland gave him a wealth of experiences and inspiration to draw and cultivate from. Now, he spends his days in Portland, Oregon, honing his musical talents on vocals, guitar, bass, percussion, harmonica, and whatever other instrument he fancies delving into.

CAVEMANBONES told us: “Newdayz was inspired by the shifts that happen in our lives as people. The change of seasons, the roll of time and the effects of existing in a society. It’s mainly about the feeling of coming to terms with things. Setting goals and working towards them. Processing the overwhelming amount of stimuli that is being, and making the most of it.”

“New Dayz”:

New Dayz” immediately engages listeners with a dreamy soundscape that envelops us as the song opens, and we are transported to a magical land, overflowing with chilled future RnB vibes and hypnotic vocals.

CAVEMANBONES carries listeners away on a cloud of soulful waves with raw expression oozing from every note. His syncopated vocal delivery adds an addictively rhythmic layer to the song, and his unforgettable sound defines him as an exceptionally unique artist.

The groovy mid-tempo rhythm involuntarily inspires bodies to move and succumb to this masterfully crafted track. “New Dayz” is definitely a song you need to add to your future RnB and pop playlist. If you enjoy music from artists such as; Bruno Mars and The Weekend, then you will love CAVEMANBONES.

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A message from CAVEMANBONES for all his listeners:

“Thanks for your support, treat yourself and others with kindness, believe in yourself, give thanks and do what you love”.

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