“Pushing You Away” by Megan Golden – New Release Bursting with Intense Emotion



Meet Megan Golden:

Nashville based singer-songwriter Megan Golden has released her brand new single today, “Pushing You Away”. An irresistibly catchy country-pop song that will keep you going back for more.

Megan has been singing for as long as she remembers, and by middle school, she was playing the guitar and writing her own songs. Inspired by the people around her and legends such as Johnny Cash and Taylor Swift, her songwriting began to flourish, and by 16, she had a weekly spot at the world-famous Nashville Palace.

Her latest release, “Pushing You Away” is a touching and impactful performance. She told us: “This song is pretty personal to me. The message of the song is basically about self-sabotaging a relationship. About constantly testing it, because you’re not used to having someone who sticks around and truly loves you.”

Pushing You Away:

Megan touches on an extremely sensitive and relateable subject in “Pushing You Away”. Her raw openness of self-sabotage is refreshingly honest and inspiring. She communicates difficult truths in a heartfelt and emotive performance, along with an unforgettably catchy melody.

Listeners will be swept away by her soulful and velvety vocal tones that deliver sincere and genuine emotions. Her explosive anthemic chorus inspires listeners to join in as she sings: “Pushing you away, if I lose you I can’t take, knowing there’s no one else to blame, I’m the one that caused my own heart to break.”

Multiple instrumental and synthesised layers create an ecstatic soundscape that has an undeniably feel-good vibe. This masterfully creates a joyful space for emotive expression and positive transformation.

“Pushing You Away” is a certified hit, delivering a distinctive country sound, upbeat pop infusions, and a yearning passion for expression. Listeners will be charmed and filled with hope and positivity. If you enjoy music from artists such as; Taylor Swift and Kelsea Ballerini, then Megan Golden will fit perfectly on your country-pop playlist.

Follow this link to listen to “Pushing You Away”: https://open.spotify.com/track/4byqo71DsGNKUSUmOElQYi

What’s next for Megan Golden:

Expect to see big things from Megan in the future. She has many more releases due to drop along with entertaining music videos. We are excited to see what this talented artist will come up with next.

In the meantime, Megan has a message for her listeners: “Making music is so much fun, but it’s even cooler when you get to share it with people who tell you they relate to it or feel the same way. It’s fun, therapeutic, and nothing gives more in life than getting to experience it. I can’t thank everyone enough for supporting something I’m so passionate about. Thank you!”

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