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Power Words Apparel is a new fashion brand with the aim of spreading powerful messages to people of all ages. These messages are helping people to feel motivated and achieve their dreams.

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A husband and wife team have set up an exciting new fashion brand with a difference. Power Words Apparel was set up to bring inspiration to millions of people no matter what gender they are or how old they are, or where they live.


Each year millions of people fail to achieve their dreams and struggle through life. Some of those people fail to achieve their goals of promotion at work, others fail to feel motivated to run a marathon, while others struggle to improve their fitness due to lack of support. Words can make a huge difference in a person’s life, especially inspirational words. Imagine being inspired each day by wearing fashion, well that day has now arrived thanks to Power Words Apparel.

Power Words Apparel new fashion brand

Power Words Apparel produces fashion for men, women, and children. Each item is produced to the highest of standards and makes those that wear the fashion items look stylish, but the brand is more than that. Each item from a T-shirt, a hat, to polo shirts has inspiring messages with the aim to motivate people and change lives. This clever idea to inspire people through fashion has quickly become a huge success and it is all thanks to a husband and wife team.


The idea to form the new fashion brand to empower others came one Thanksgiving when their son came home during his freshman year of college and he explained about the struggles and challenges he faced. Through this chat and helping him understand with powerful messages of support that he could achieve what he wanted to achieve in life, the idea came on how these powerful messages could help other people who are struggling in their life.


Thanks to motivation, and to the inspiring words the son went on to graduate with both his undergraduate college degree and in June 2018, graduated with his MBA. Imagine with this success what powerful words on clothing which can be seen on a daily basis could benefit others.


When asked to explain more about the new brand a spokeswoman for Power Words Apparel explained: “Our brand is about celebrating the power of diversity, family and the great people around the globe, we seek to inspire and empower you to take charge of your life. We want you to feel motivated to achieve your goals including fitness, love, and career.”


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Power Words Apparel is a fashion brand that aims to inspire people and make positive changes in people’s lives.

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