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Spindoodle new fiction book

The new picture book which is dedicated to animal rescue, and special needs children show what a difference a dog can make in a child’s life. Spindoodle has been written by seasoned author Stacie Morrell and has been illustrated by Elizabeth Berg.

A new fiction book written by Stacie Morrell and illustrated by Elizabeth Berg has been credited for highlighting how dogs can make a huge difference in a person’s life, especially a young child. Spindoodle, which is available to purchase from Amazon is a must buy for a child’s book list.

The story follows a young child called Norman and a handsome black standard poodle called Doodle who come together and change each other lives. Norman, like so many millions of children in the world, is shy, and as the author calls him a socially awkward grade school student. Norman pretends he is happy at school but, he is lonely and struggles to make friends. All Norman wants is a friend, and thanks to a volunteer from an animal shelter Norman’s life is about to change.

Each year tens of millions of dogs in the world are abandoned on the street, sadly being left out in the cold by their owners. Thankfully, animal shelters come to the rescue of these abandoned dogs and help provide them with a new home. Doodle is just one of those dogs. Doodle was abandoned on the porch of a house to fend for himself, but luckily for him, he was found by a kind man who took him to the safety of the local animal shelter.

Doodle is such a fun-loving dog who loves to eat and spin and have fun. All Doodle wants is a loving friend to take him home and care and love him. This magical story follows how Doodle and Norman are brought together, a story that will bring tears and happiness in people’s lives and show how important animal shelters are.

When asked to explain more about the new book, Stacie Morrell replied: “This book shows the value of volunteering, and how special individuals, animal or human, can help others and each other.”

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About Stacie Morrell

Stacie Morrell is an eccentrically entertaining neurotic bibliophile and Renaissance woman. She is a fifth-generation Oregonian and a third generation only child on her mother’s side.

Her interests include: Reading (pretty much anything even the cereal box if nothing else is available), writing (all genres), family (wife and mother), growing in and spreading my faith, learning (information geek), travel (but I rarely ever get to), volunteering, bargain hunting at garage sales, thrift stores, flea markets, etc. The author has worked with many special needs individuals as a non-profit professional who manages thrift stores and helps non-profit organizations maximize their in-kind donations.

The author is a great supporter of having pets to help people. She struggles with severe chronic depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and that adopting a pet has been medically proven to be therapeutic for these issues. Which is why I have 4 rescued pets (2 cats, 2 dogs and 2 guinea pigs.

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