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Cat Match 3 has gained huge exposure since being launched by Doris Street Games. Some reviewers have said it could become as big as Farmhouse Heroes, providing people with hours of fun.

A new game available on Google Play has caused great excitement amongst gamers. Cat Match 3 which has been launched by Doris Street Games is a game that players will never get bored of. The game has been described as the next Farmhouse Heroes, which the designers of the game have said is a huge compliment.

Each week there are hundreds of new games launched on Google Play, but not many of them really gain the attention from gamers or professional game reviewers. Cat Match 3 is different, it is not just one of those games that get released and forgotten about, it’s a game that has caused excitement.


The game which has lots of levels to overcome with each one becoming harder than the previous one is a game that the whole family can enjoy. The game is easy to understand, and all the player must do is to match three or more of the cat characters. However, it may sound easy but it’s not.


The first level allows people to slowly get into the game without any real pressure, but once the first level has been completed it starts to get harder. It is a very challenging but rewarding game, which can become very addictive.


Family and friends are downloading the game to compete against each other to see who can complete the level quicker. This is a game that has become a huge talking point on social media, and one that is bringing family and friends closer together and finding which one is the most competitive.

When asked why the game has gained so much exposure and why it has become very popular, a spokesman for Doris Street Games replied: “Cat Match 3 is a very enjoyable game, but it is also a game that allows people to use their brains to win each new level.”

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