New Hip-Hop Music and Urban Culture Platform Bridging the Gap of Youth Centre Decline


New Hip-Hop Music and Urban Culture Platform

Derbyshire, UK – November 21, 2018 – A Derby Entrepreneur, Ashley Hunt has created a new website for aspiring rappers in response to the spate of knife crimes across the UK and the rapid decline of Youth Centres.

Government cuts to youth services means that more and more young people have less opportunities to socialize and showcase their creativity in safe spaces. In fact, A YMCA research found that 600 youth centres closed between 2012 and 2016. This is harrowing, especially, since many youths go to community centres are looking for a escape from everything else that’s going on in their world.  Moreover, studies have also shown a correlation between cuts in youth services and the increase of knife crimes.

New Hip-Hop Music and Urban Culture Platform

Glory Noon is the new platform that’s bridging the gap between the decline in youth centres across the UK. It is a hip hop music and urban culture forum for young adults to socialise online with each other and focus on their creativity by posting their own music for review and discussing other urban topics such as fashion, tattoos, video games and more. Youths can also seek help and advice from the community regarding issues that are troubling them.

Hunt’s idea for Glory Noon sprung from a desire to provide a place for young people to express themselves creatively and focus on something positive.  He said “I have always been a massive fan of hip hop and rap music and wanted a way to be involved in that scene without being an actual artist; however, its more the management and mentoring aspect that inspired me.”

Asked to share what he expects to accomplish from the website, Hunt said: “I just hope the website one day becomes the number one spot for young aspiring rappers to find a name for themselves so they could turn around and credit my website as the thing that kept them grounded, focused on the road to success. I am also hoping with all the knife crime we are experiencing here in the UK at the moment it will give young people a place to chat and share openly and keep their mind occupied on something more positive.”

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Though primarily created to help UK youth channel their energies into something positive, Glory Noon can be used by youths worldwide. The website is divided into categories for Aspiring Rappers from the USA, Aspiring Rappers from Europe and Aspiring Rappers from the Rest of the World. 

But it’s not just about promoting hip-hop music on this platform. Glory Noon also features a marketplace where users can buy and sell almost anything within reason. Graphic designers can also market and sell their mixtape artwork and design services to aspiring rappers who want to enhance the presentation of their mixtape albums.

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