New magazine a showcase for local entrepreneurs


LISTEN up Cairns – there’s a new magazine in town!

Brand Focus is the brainchild of local photographer Catherine Coombs, who is using the magazine to showcase local entrepreneurs and promote their brand to a wider audience.

Launched earlier this month, Brand Focus is the latest in a string of innovative marketing tools that Catherine has introduced for her clients who are keen to build their profiles and boost their businesses.

“Since I established my studio Captured by Catherine, I realised there was a growing need for businesspeople to gain visibility and credibility in the online space – which can be very busy,” Catherine says.

“The trouble is, they didn’t really know where to start.

“So I have tried to find a solution for my clients by creating Brand Focus magazine which is aimed exclusively at featuring entrepreneurs and showcasing their brand and how they personify that brand.”

The articles in Brand Focus are all about the business stories of Catherine’s clients, but she also aims to capture their passion, motivation and personality in the words as well as the images.

Roberta Alexander – founder of TopLiving International – was the first local businesswoman to grace the cover of the new magazine, and she speaks highly of the new venture.

“Everyone knows that marketing your business is important if you hope to succeed, but it can be hard to know what will be most effective especially when it comes to establishing an online presence,” Roberta says.

“Working with a photographer who is not only skilled at her craft but understands the importance of personal branding and knows how to use it was invaluable.

“I am very pleased at the outcome and response it has generated.”

Brand Focus can be viewed online by following this link:

Anyone wanting to learn more about how photography can be used as an innovative tool for business or personal success should check out Catherine’s website or her images on Facebook and Instagram.

Media enquiries: Contact Catherine Coombs on 0407 588 361 or email 588 361 or email 407 588 361 0407 588 361


Catherine Coombs established the Captured by Catherine studio in Cairns several years ago, offering a service designed to help individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses raise their profile in traditional and online media platforms. She has worked on a number of high profile local, national and international brands, and her images have featured on many websites and apps.