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The new Portable GPS Tracker is the smallest currently on the market. It is available for commercial or personal use and can also be used to keep track of employees driving company vehicles.

A new Small Size Portable GPS Tracker with a long battery life of 3 years has been launched by EElinktech for personal and commercial use. The portable GPS Tracker is the smallest GPS tracking device on the market and is the best in its price range.

The GPS Device is so small it can fit in the palm of a hand and can easily be put in cars, trucks, motorbikes, speedboats, and even a bicycle. It has become such an important device it has been heavily featured and is set to become one of the most purchased vehicle security products in the USA.

One motor vehicle is stolen every 45 seconds in the USA with car theft costing more than 7 billion dollars each year. One of the main reasons for the rise in car crime according to vehicle experts is the high cost of car parts. However, car crime can be reduced, and vehicle owners can get their vehicles back thanks to the new Portable GPS Tracker.


Vehicle experts have said on many occasions that every car should be fitted with a GPS Tracker to discourage criminals and to make it easier for stolen cars to be returned to their owners. However, due to the high cost of GPS Trackers not many vehicles in the USA have them fitted. Now, thanks to the low-priced Mini GPS Tracking device from EElinktech, more vehicle owners can now have the important anti-theft device fitted.


When asked how this device can reduce car theft a spokesman for EElinktech explained: “We have introduced the most cost-effective portable GPS tracking device in the USA. Our device can easily be fitted to vehicles which means people with little or no experience can use the device. If a criminal knows that a vehicle is fitted with our device, they will think twice about stealing it and go to another vehicle that does not have a GPS tracking device.”


The mini tracking device is also an important device for the commercial sector to help them to recover commercial vehicles such as buses, coaches, trucks, and vans. The portable GPS tracking device is not just about helping to recover vehicles. A GPS tracking device can also be used to monitor commercial vehicles to help a company to save money and become more efficient.


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