New Music Promotion Company Beats the Odds


The right choice in a music promotion company can change the entire course of a band or other music project’s direction and exposure for the better. Mayrane Promotions are masterful in this area winning a reputation as the “celebrities secret weapon”. And they are just getting started.



July 1, 2019


Old school music promotion companies are often a let down in 2019 moving into 2020. Not understanding the importance of the new spaces that need to be focused on, like the Spotify playlist, social media networking, playlist placement and much more. The new music promotion company Mayrane Promotions has taken the industry by storm understanding all these areas advantages and how to make the most of them, how to connect their artists with the right audience or audiences for their music, and doing it all without breaking the bank.  To say artists are excited is putting it mildly.


“Personally after going undercover as an artist and testing out all of the other music promotion companies online you can name, is and will be the BEST option for musicians to choose from,” commented a spokesperson from the company.  “No one else is really coming close.  We are here to disrupt the industry for the better, in a true win-win spirit.”


While Mayrane Promotions is a new company, despite their early success, their team is anything but inexperienced.  In fact, their owners are also the owners and founders of which is a Spotify playlist placement service that has been praised for promoting and marketing multiple viral Spotify singles, that has pushed more-than-a-few artists to the next level of fan and music industry awareness.  With the Spotify playlist being so important, this connection is very valuable for their clients now and well into the future.


The company, unlike the vast majority of their competitors, takes their relationship with their musicians very seriously.  This means no 48-hour waiting on customer support to answer, instead, Mayrane Promotions provides quick on-site support, email support, and even phone support, as needed.


The early feedback for Mayrane Promotions has been passionate.


A recent music promotion customer said, in a five-star, review, “I have used this company for quite some time now and Ben, Samantha James and all of the others involved with this organization really go the lengths to ensure they do as they say they will. As a record label owner, it can be difficult dealing with the day to day affairs of multiple artists at once but Mayrane has made my job and life much easier.”



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