New Netrum blockchain platform aims to shake up industry with Speed, Transparency, and Trust


Netrum is a revolutionary new Blockchain platform that aims to transform the way digital currency is bought and sold. This new platform puts the user in full control and improves the speed and reliability of financial transactions.


A group of the world’s leading digital currency experts have come together to shake up the buying and selling of digital currency with the launch of a brand new Blockchain Platform. Netrum, has been described as one of the most advanced Blockchain platforms currently available, and one of the most trusted.

Cryptocurrencies which are backed by a system called blockchain has transformed the financial market and has helped to remove banks and other mainstream financial institutions as the middlemen. Now, thanks to a new Blockchain platform, the Cryptocurrency market is set for a complete transformation thanks to Netrum.


The new independent and easy to use Blockchain Platform possesses key platform qualities and allows its users to have full control. It offers transparency, better security, privacy, scalability, higher transaction speed, and efficiency.


When asked why Netrum is different from other Blockchain Platforms, a spokesman for the company replied: “A lot of people are concerned about the high transactions fees that some Blockchain platforms have introduced. They are also concerned about the lack of speed in transactions as well as the security, and we have tackled these problems. We have put the user in full control and provide complete transparency where transactions fees are kept to a minimum.”


There are so many benefits to using the Netrum Platform which includes:


    Combination of PoS (Proof of Stake) and PoW (Proof of Work), computer algorithms used to solve Block puzzles to reach verification agreements.


    Masternode, allowing for direct send, instant transactions, and private transactions.

    Varied Wallet Options

    Mobile apps

    Integration with local economic systems

    Integration with the existing financial systems

    Added value for people as it will facilitate the users in varied sectors like education, and many more

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About Netrum


Netrum is “The Future of Technology”, universal, practical and easy to use. We will always adapt and adjust the platform development in order to improve user’s experience. Netrum have many features for its users, it can connect easily with nowadays financial System. The Core of Netrum System prioritize the Consumers, Netrum aims to develop its platform to the frontier of technology thus it will benefit its users by offering the latest tech available.