New Podcast to Address Middle-aged African-American Women


There are millions of podcasts being launched each year, but few focus on the needs of middle-aged African-American women. Stages with Ola Jackson was created to improve the lives of this underserved demographic group.

Entrepreneur of 28 years Ola Jackson who is the founder of Onyx Woman magazine, a business magazine for women of color, decided she wanted to launch a podcast for those women who are often overlooked by many podcasts, blogs and talk shows. When she announced the launch on social media, she never imagined that it would generate so much discussion about the need to give midlife African-American women a voice.

Stages with Ola Jackson gets women talking about topics that are overshadowing their lives. The show’s format introduces her audience to other women who are experts and who can help women to evolve while motivating them to understand their value and worth even as they age.


Ola says, “Google middle aged black women and you are likely to find very little content that is specifically relevant to deal with issues that impact our quality of life. The weekly podcast will cover topics such as health, finances, retirement, relationships, life after divorce, jobs in mid-life, later in life careers challenges, depression, and other wellness and lifestyle issues that will teach women how to navigate through their next chapter.  


When asked why the blog is so important that she transitioned from focusing on entrepreneurship to older women and self-care, Ola Jackson replied: The women who were our followers throughout the years of publishing my magazine have evolved and have different needs and desires that demand to be addressed, we are here to offer solutions to respond to women who ask, “What about me?”.


The show is housed on several sites:  Soundcloud, Blogtalk Radio and