New smartphone app makes smart shopping and healthy eating easy


For people trying to develop a healthy lifestyle, a new app revolutionizes a key component with which they frequently struggle: the way they eat.

BcLapp, available for iPhone and Android, brings together into one app all the key components of healthy eating — diet planning, grocery shopping, calorie monitoring, food storage, and even expense management – into one seamless experience.

BcLapp is an incredibly feature-rich and intuitive app. It’s a one-stop solution that allows users to create shopping lists based on their nutritional requirements; they can scan foods while at stores to learn their health benefits, and make sure they bring home what they need. 

The app compares prices, manages coupons, gifts cards, loyalty cards and more. That makes it possible for users to find the best deals and eliminates one of the biggest complaints about eating healthy: the cost of the food. It also notifies consumers of the latest food and product recalls issued by the FDA and CPSC if tracked.

In addition to all of those features, users can accurately track calorie intake (and discover healthier alternatives to snacks), with BcLapp’s built-in calorie tracker.

BcLapp even makes it easy for users to see and track the improvements that results from their choosing a healthy diet, by clicking and printing their best pictures as they continue to on the healthy lifestyle track.

BcLapp combines every function consumers need to start enjoying a healthy diet – simply, and without breaking the bank – today. And that makes the challenge of living healthy lifestyle, shopping smart and consuming responsibly in this increasingly sedentary world an achievable goal for everyone. 

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