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The Eelinktech GPT29 is a battery-operated or externally powered tracking device logs and broadcasts shipment and asset information including proximity location (GEO) and sensor values (shock, motion, light, temperature, humidity).


Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology, a leader in the GPS tracker field has introduced a new supply chain tracking system that will provide full visibility to fleet management and key personnel while goods are in transit.


The new GPT29 system which includes an improved longer battery life can transmit via proprietary Bluetooth Le, and WI-FI protocol, providing an accurate live locating solution for key personnel. With sensors that monitor shock, motion, light, temperature, and humidity as well as security, it is an ideal supply chain tracking system. It can be used to track shipments on the road, by sea, or in flight anywhere in the world.


Eelink Communication Technology allows supply chain managers to track their shipment at any time and provides them with a real time reporting system to monitor the security and the condition of their shipment.  With real time reporting, supply chain managers can analyse all the data quickly and can receive warnings if the temperature of their shipment drops or increases. The new features which includes Built-in Motion Sensor, and Built-In light sensors, really does make this new tracking system stand out.


With the GPT29 tracker system providing a complete monitoring system, and providing supply chain managers with peace of mind, it has become one of the most talked about new tracking systems on the market.



GPS, WI-FI, BLE Cellular/Network

Built-in Motion Sensor

Built-In light sensors

One Button Activation

Waterproof (IP67)

Shock & Vibration

Resistant Traceable Temperature

Resistant traceable humidity

Battery & External Power Options




Asset Tracking

Trailer Tracking

Cargo Monitoring

Asset Tracking

Pallet- and



  1. Sensor Capabilities










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About Eelink:


Established in 2004, Eelink is the leading manufacturer of GPS trackers in China. The company develops products with strict industry standards to meet the needs of both local and international markets. Eelink offers GPS tracking software, WCDMA and Beidou positioning and GPS trackers for vehicles, ODM and OEM. Eelink also develops tracking platforms that work with Android phones, Apple products, and PCs.