New York City Stem Cell Institute Appoints Alexandre Scheer MD Medical Director

New York City Stem Cell Institute

New York City Stem Cell Institute

New York, NY May 8, 2018- The New York City Stem Cell Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of Alexandre Scheer MD as Medical Director of the clinic. The Institute treats patients who have a orthopedic conditions such as knee, shoulder and hip problems, as well as systemic issues such as diabetes.


Dr. Alexandre Scheer is a gifted physician, treating patients in New York City. He is the new medical director of the New York City Stem Cell Institute which provides a variety of services including pain management, neurosurgery, spinal surgery, physical therapy, and orthopedics. Dr. Scheer attended medical school at New York Medical College, then served his internship at Mount Sinai Beth Israel and a residency in neurological surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr, Scheer is licensed to practice medicine by New York State. He has dedicated his life to helping his patients live long and healthy lives. He uses the latest, cutting-edge technology to diagnose and treat many common health conditions his patients face on a daily basis.


In addition to his practice, Alexandre Scheer MD participates in ongoing stem cell research using Institutional Review Board protocols established with its’ partner R3 Stem Cells.


Prospective patients are directed to www.NYCstemcells.comfor further information, and are invited to call the new patient coordinator at 212-391-8080.  Additional research can be found online at


For further information contact

Alexandre Scheer MD

22 W 48thSt Suite 300A

New York, NY 10036