New York Stem Cell Institute and Alexandre Scheer MD Sponsor Seminar of the Use of Stem Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine


New York, NY May 18, 2018- The New York City Stem Cell Institute’s Medical Director Alexandre Scheer MD is pleased to announce that the Institute will hold an educational seminar for prospective patients on May 21, 2018 at 6pm at 22 W 48thSt Suite 300A New York, NY 10034.  In attendance will be David Greene MD, who is a nationally regarded speaker and the CEO of R3 Stem Cell, a leading provider of stem cell materials, as well as Sean James, a former NFL player who has been successfully treated with stem cell therapies by Dr. Scheer.


Regenerative medicine for musculoskeletal injury is a rapidly evolving field of medicine where the body rebuilds and regenerates itself.  Such high profile athletes as Los Angles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and golfer Tiger Woods have thrust regenerative medicine into the limelight. Sean James will be on hand to discuss how stem cell therapy has helped him. For more information about Sean James and his current philanthropic causes, please see

The moderator for the evening will be David Greene MD, the founder and CEO of R3 Stem Cell. R3’s physician network has treated over 10,000 cases using stem cell therapies.  For more information about R3, please see

Alexandre Scheer MD is a gifted physician, treating patients in New York City. He is the new medical director of the New York City Stem Cell Institute that provides a variety of services including pain management, neurosurgery, spinal surgery, physical therapy, and orthopedics and is the Medical Director of the NY Stem Cell Institute.  For more information of stem cells please see

Prospective patients are directed to www.NYCstemcells.comfor further information, and are invited to call the new patient coordinator at 212-391-8080. Additional research can be found online at

For further information contact

Alexandre Scheer MD

22 W 48thSt Suite 300A

New York, NY 10036