New York Kitchen And Bathroom Interior Design Company iDecorr Has Now Changed Its Name To Nicole Mene Design


Nicole Mene Design

This is an official name change announcement regarding a kitchen and bathroom interior design company in New York. iDecorr has now officially changed its name to Nicole Mené Design. The well-respected interior designer is at the helm of the new brand and is looking forward to bringing to life bathrooms and kitchens in New York.


The new brand name matches the relaunched kitchen and bathroom design company and takes it to the next level with experience and popular interior designer Nicole Mené Design at the helm. The native New Yorker has become a leading force in the design world with more than 14 years of experience decorating and renovating residential living spaces in New York City. Her completed projects have allowed old and tired spaces to be rejuvenated while at the same time increasing their value.


Under the previous brand name of IDecorr the website could be found at but now under the new corporate identity, the website can be located at The website has had a complete makeover to coincide with the new brand name. Potential customers will be able to see some previous projects as well as the wide range of kitchen and bathroom design services currently available.


When asked about the new brand name, Nicole said she was excited with the new identity and looking forward to working with new clients in New York and helping them to transform their kitchens and bathrooms.


Due to her flare, and interior vision, Nicole has become one of the most recommended kitchens and bathroom interior designers. As an award winning leading interior designer, she has worked with some well-respected names, and now, she is available to transform more living spaces in and around New York.


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Nicole Mené Design

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Nicole is a native New Yorker who has been decorating and renovating residential living spaces in New York City for the past 14 years. She is a true visionary with an uncanny ability to transform a tired, outdated space into a beautiful, warm, and stylish home. She has a unique way of combining her artistic eye with her client’s desires, no matter what the restrictions may be.


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