New York YouTube Star Moe Zinkerbell Is Taking The Internet By Storm


Moe Zinkerbell

YouTube star pushes the boundaries with his video asking the public to hug him if they support the banning of Muslims. The social experiment sees the YouTube star dressed up as Donald Trump, and the results are astonishing.


In 2018 there were more than 23 million YouTube channels according to Social Blade. However only a small fraction of those YouTubers become successful and an Internet sensation; Moe Zinkerbell is one of those few.


The Palestinian-American YouTube/Internet personality is setting the online social media alight with his style of videos. Racking up about 100K subscribers to his YouTube channel, with one video accumulating over 9.8million views, Moe Zinkerbell has become a bona fide YouTube star.


With his videos being watched in all four corners of the world his popularity continues to grow, so what is all the fuss about, why is he racking up so many views and why are people calling him one of the most exciting YouTube stars of 2019. Well, the answer is simple. Moe Zinkerbell is unique.


Imagine walking down the street and seeing one of the most hated presidents and possibly one of the most hated men in the world holding a sign saying ‘Hug Me If You Support Banning Muslims’. It was a social experience that only the brave would do. Moe Zinkerbell who loves to push the boundaries put his safety on the line and dressed up as Donald Trump to see how people would react. He wanted to find out if anyone would actually hug him and what would people say when they saw the sing. To see the result, you will have to watch the video (


The YouTube star latest video sees him pretending to be Ellen DeGeneres, one of the most famous women on the planet. The comedy genius spent a day holding a sign as the talk show host telling people to be kind to one another, a phrase that Ellen is most famous for. The results of the social experiment were heart-warming.

There is no other YouTube star who pushes the boundaries like Moe Zinkerbell, to see all the videos and to find out why he is gaining so much attention, please visit



About Moe Zinkerbell


Moe Zinkerbell, is a Palestinian-American YouTube/Internet personality, producer, director, actor, comedian, and a prankster on YouTube. He is one of 8 siblings and still resides in New York City. Born: July 22, 1993, Brooklyn, NY Height: 6 foot 2 inches Full name: Mohamed Abdelrahim Zahrieh