Non-Scary Bedtime Stories: A Closer Look at the Works of Della Witchy


Scary stories at bedtime have haunted bedrooms and dreams for hundreds of years. Stories of ghosts, ghouls, monsters, to name a few.

Della Witchy’s tales, however, offer a much different perspective on bedtime lore. Despite her spooky name, Della’s unique storytelling brings a breath of fresh air to bedtime readings that enchant, delight, surprise, and inspire young minds.

Della Witchy’s Storybook Inspiration Stems From Childhood Experiences “When I was a child, scary stories terrified me. The baddies in the story would give me bad dreams, or there’d be a wolf or a monster or a nasty sibling or haunted wood. I would go to sleep scared and afraid of the dark, or I would believe every word of the story and it would leave an imprint on my mind.”

Della’s own experience with childhood tales can be echoed through those of other children. So when she started to write stories for children, she knew the characters had to be gentle, uplifting, enchanting, exciting, and fun. “I wanted to write stories that when children heard or read them, they’re immediately transported on a magical journey with characters that feel like friends.”

Which is how Della’s first book “A Bird Called Cat” came to be. The book holds firmly to the same moral values: “Eat your greens,” “Go to bed early,” and “Be good and kind to animals” are just a few of the values she projects in her works.

Fusing Fantasy with Reality Aside from providing a fear-free story experience, Della Witchy’s goal is to create a fantasy world within her stories that also bring a sense of security. Della believes that if children could respect the characters, they would look up to them and, most importantly, listen.

“Children’s minds are very influential and impressionable. What they read, hear, believe all play a role in making them into their future selves,” says Della.

“When I sat down on my own journey to make “A Bird Called Cat”, I knew he needed to have a few traits: He must be funny, respect his elders, be very kind, and be grateful to those who offered help. I wanted him to be happy, laugh a lot, and to see the world from the most innocent eyes, just like the children enjoying the story.”

A Sweet Story for Sweet Minds Della Witchy’s works remind us that children should be exactly that – children. She brings out the inner child in us all and transports us to a place of magic, mystery, and fantasy, without letting fear disrupt the experience. You can experience the magic for yourself with her audiobooks, available now on Amazon. To contact Della directly, visit

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