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What it means to contain and mitigate the coronavirus outbreak. The success of Hong Kong and Singapore in stemming the spread holds lessons for how to contain it in the United States. The coronavirus is likely to spread for more than a year before a vaccine is widely available.

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The coordination between the federal government and the local states is to insure the supply of essential medical equipment has been, at best, intermittent. The Governors of New York and California, Cuomo and Gavin Newsom, have become so frustrated at the lack of support and direction from Washington that they have called on states to get together and coordinate on procuring essential supplies.

In the biggest crisis to face the country in decades, the failures of the Trump Administration are leading to a revival of federalism.

Finally, there is the chronic leadership vacuum at the very top. Any effort to partially reopen the economy would be inherently risky. The German report pointed out that it would need to be explained clearly to the public in a way that was realistic and made explicit that the new policy didn’t amount to a return to “business as usual.”

Credible political leaders would need to “appeal to common values and emphasize moral standards” and “solidarity.” It would also help if the person communicating the policy “acts as a ‘role model,’ i.e., a person who aligns his or her own behavior with the measures.”