O.M.G Entertainment Artist Pops Jr. – “New Bag” – one of the best independent rap albums of 2019


The record label is working with some exciting names during the course of the year. Since being launched, O.M.G Entertainment has become a new bread in the music industry. Artists set to light music world with the label include Hecdakid, Pops Jr., Dallas Oak liff, and Tx Native Mr. Who???

Record Label O.M.G Entertainment, Inc. which was responsible for releasing the One Of The Most Talked About Rappers On The Planet new album Keys Of M.O.E., is pleased to announce they have some very exciting new music being released from April until September.

One artist to look out for on the O.M.G Entertainment label is Rap Artist Pops Jr. The Everett, Washington native and rapper/producer began his musical career . at the age of 5 years old when  his father  “Pop Heavenly”   aka   POPS  put him and his 4 older brothers in a rap group called the   Heavenly Boyz . The group traveled coast to coast performing wherever their Pops could get a gig. No matter how much he steered his boys right the baby of the family had different plans. At 16   Pops Jr. caught a murder case.   “I was young and aggressive which led me to take a life early”   says   Pops Jr.   His intent was only to rob but his aggression took it too far.   “That’s when it all changed”   says   Pops Jr. He thought his rap dreams were over. But prison ended up giving him the strength he needed. He did 11 years straight and was released at 27 with an insane passion.

On July the 3 rd   Pops Jr.   unveils his latest album,   “New Bag” , to the world. On first listen, the early thought that jumped to mind was that I hoped Pops Jr. was not going to become another one of rap’s most underrated artists. Can you blame me? The man’s an original, overachieving rap craftsman.


Other artists set to release music through O.M.G Entertainment include Washington States Own Pops Jr., Dallas Oak liff, Tx Native Mr. Who Producer and Co-Writer on the Highly acclaimed “Keys To The M.O.E Album”

For more information on O.M.G Entertainment please visit https://www.omgentmusic.com


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