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The Marino Avenue Genuine Leather belt for Men with special features such as ratchet sizing and an innovative LINXX buckle has become one of the biggest and fastest selling fashion accessories on Amazon. It is and is currently available with a special price starting from $11.99.

One of the most talked about genuine leather belts of 2019 which comes with a LINXX Buckle has become a huge hit on Amazon. The Marino Avenue men’s belt is available with adjustable fit up to 44” or 54”, and since being launched has become a big hit with fashion lovers.

The Genuine Leather belt is not just a stylish belt that would stand out while being worn with trousers or a pair of jeans, but it’s also very comfortable and comes with a modern design of unique stitching throughout the belt. The ratchet sizing feature means it can be adjusted every 1/4″ for a better fit and is longer lasting as opposed to the regular pin buckle belts. The clever LINXX Buckle which comes with an auto-lock feature and keeps jeans sturdy and in place is a major plus with this belt. It allows durability provides a perfect fit. There are no holes like other belts which means the belt comes with complete comfort and can be adjusted any size.

When asked to explain more about the LINXX Buckle, a spokesman for Marino Avenue explained: “The buckle is a new innovative effortless solution. Just lift the buckle to obtain an inaudible release! Extremely easy to use! Slide belt in to tighten and the belt auto locks – simple smooth and sleek.”

LINXX Buckle belt

Since being launched on Amazon, the stylish, practical and clever belt which has been heavily featured by reviewers has received more than 726 positive reviews, making it one of the most reviewed men’s fashion accessories available on the popular shopping platform.

When making a purchase, the fashion lover not only gets a quality stylish modern belt, but they also receive a free gift box, making it a perfect gift for a loved one or a colleague. On top of that, the belt comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee plus 180 days warranty.

The Marino Avenue Genuine Leather belt for Men is a perfect gift for any man who cares about fashion and wants a belt that does not dig into them and which provides complete support.

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Marino Avenue Genuine Leather belt for Men, 1.3/8″ Wide, Casual Ratchet Belt with Automatic Linxx Buckle

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