One Of The Most Talked About Rappers On The Planet Right Now Releases New Album – Kilo M.O.E


The best new music to come on your radar has been released by popular rapper Kilo M.O.E who has just released his new album Keys Of M.O.E. This new album which features songs written by Fatcatogc (BKA Dejeane Jones), and Cyco Thah Urchin (Dereck Pouncey) has been described as the most explosive new rap album of 2019.

New Album - Kilo M.O.E

Maurice Jones Aka Kilo M.O.E drops his new album Keys Of M.O.E. which has already been described as one of the most exciting rap albums of 2019. The theme of the album is based around the keys of the piano where the keys open the doors for aspiring successful entrepreneurs.


For this new collection by the Baltimore Rapper he features songs written by Fatcatogc (BKA Dejeane Jones), and Cyco Thah Urchin (Dereck Pouncey) as well as the artist himself. Kilo M.O.E who also produced the album has described it as his best work to date, and according to music reviewers and fans, he is not wrong.


Although The producer, songwriter, and rapper has been around for some time now, most of his music comes from the underground just like his fans. However, now, thanks to his inspirational new album, he has been catapulted to worldwide fame with new fans coming from as far afield as the UK, Australia, and even the far east.


Fans and music reviewers have called this new album as a must buy, while it has been reported that some radio stations around the world have been inundated with requests by old and new fans to play the album.  The words from each song really do hit home, which according to the artist was his intention. There is no current album by a rap artist that has gained so much exposure on social media like Keys Of M.O.E. has received.


When asked to explain more about the theme of the album he replied: “Theme is based around the “Keys of the Piano” which is the primary sound of the LP. Also, over these keys, I’ve written words that I consider important “Keys” that will open Doors for the aspiring successful entrepreneur. Added to this dimension is also the fact that all the lines aren’t relevant to this however within the lines are “Keys” to the Money Over Everything. Hence the concept of the Album “Keys To The MOE”


Kilo M.O.E who said a lot of his style came from Run D.M.C, Slick Rick, Ghostface, and Raekwon, but developed his unique sound, explained he hopes his fans love his new album and feel as inspired when listening to it as he did while producing it.


With vibrant lyrics and creative beats, this could be the biggest rap album of 2019, to learn more about the new album, please visit