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An online casino is offering new customers a welcome bonus of 200%. The premier live casino offers an all in one casino experience. Casino Sports Betz is an all-in-one betting platform which include table games, slots, and live sporting events. Players can receive a welcome bonus up to the value of $1000.


An Online Casino has today announced some exciting news.  Casino Sports Betz, which provides a full live casino experience is offering all new customers a 200% welcome bonus. This means when customers sign up, they will instantly be given 200% more than they deposited to play with. The $200 welcome bonus is up to $1000.


The online casino has one of the biggest range of games to play. They include table games like Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack, where they can win progressive jackpots. Customers can also find some of the best known-casino games slot games with some exciting jackpots, allowing customers to win some amazing jackpots. With the best possible pay-outs, and with more chances to win, the new online casino platform has become one of the most recommended.


Customers who are unfamiliar with the popular online casino platform will be amazed by all the games that are on offer. But Casino Sports Betz is more than an online casino platform, they also allow players to place bets on live sporting events, making the platform an all-in-one betting platform.


The Premier Live Casino platform launches special bonuses on a regular basis, giving players more for their money.


“We are also looking at ways to make betting online more enjoyable. As well as providing lots of special bonus offers, we are also making sure we offer some of the biggest and best jackpots online,” explained a spokesman for Casino Sports Betz


Unlike other sports betting platforms that take time to pay out on customers winning, Casino Sports Bets pays their customers in the shortest time possible.  


To learn more about Casino Sports Bets, and see why they have become a Premier Live Casino platform, please visit


About Casino Sports Bets


Casino Sports Bets is an online betting platform that offers live casino slots, casino table games, and betting on live sporting events. Each new customer will receive a 200% bonus on their first deposit.