Online Premium Spirits Shop Cask Cartel Celebrates Having Hibiki Japanese Harmony Limited Edition Whiskey 2018 in Stock


The effort to get the Japanese Limited Edition Hibiki Whiskey 2018 has been incredibly difficult.  Cask Cartel are here to help, with enough in stock to help make many shoppers quite happy for the holidays.

Hibiki Japanese Harmony Limited Edition

December 7, 2018

Many luxury spirits shoppers have quickly realized it’s become close to impossible to purchase a bottle or two of in-demand Hibiki Japanese Harmony Limited Edition Whiskey 2018. But all hope is not lost, with popular online shop Cask Cartel having the ultra-high quality Japanese in stock and ready to ship for the holidays, if customers act soon, as supplies are obviously limited.  The enthusiasm surrounding the announcement of this good news is high.

“Suntory has released Hibiki Japanese Harmony Limited Edition Whisky 2018,” commented a spokesperson from Cask Cartel.  “Most retailers are sold out of this limited edition. We are pleased to announce the arrival at our warehouse in-stock and ready to ship out guaranteed delivery before Christmas.”

In a season where most are purchasing luxury alcohols as quality-gifts, rather than own enjoyment, Hibiki Japanese Harmony Limited Edition Whiskey 2018 from House of Suntory has certainly done the job of creating a premium product in every way.  Celebrating the whiskey’s 30th anniversary, the bottle is a true piece of art, as is the box it comes in.  Of course, the quality of the whiskey itself is its best selling point, winning worldwide praise for its whiskey blend that keeps winning award after award.  It features both malt and grain whiskey in the blend from the House of Suntory Whisky’s Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita distilleries.

While the warehouse at Cask Cartel is currently well-stocked with the Japanese treasure, shoppers are recommended to act soon in purchasing there’s for the holidays to avoid the disappointment of selling out.

In addition to luxury whiskey, Cask Cartel’s online shop also offers rum, tequila, and many celebrity brands.  The Cask Cartel Japanese selection can be seen here.

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