Ophena Debuts Revolutionary new Magnetic Safety Stirrups for Equestrians


Gothenburg, Sweden – May 7, 2019 – People around the world have a passion for equestrian pursuits, but there’s no denying that without proper precautions they can be potentially dangerous. Ophena has remedied one major problem with the release of its new Magnetic Safety Stirrups that are now available for pre-order.

Getting a foot caught in a stirrup can be extremely dangerous. Ophena’s revolutionary patent-pending safety stirrups feature an open design that allows riders to quickly free their feet from the stirrups. And the all-new Smart Attach™ locking mechanism saves time and frustration since riders don’t have to fully remove the stirrup leather from the saddle.

The safety stirrups are combined with a magnetic insole that fits into the rider’s favorite riding boots. The magnetic insoles help riders keep their feet in the proper position at all times, and provide additional grip under a myriad of conditions encompassing rain, sand and snow.

They are perfectly balanced, have a 4 degree tilt for optimal foot support, and follow a rider’s every move for better control. Traditional stirrup treads rely on friction to keep feet in place and that creates wear. There’s no friction with magnetic stirrups, meaning less wear and superior grip.

The safety stirrups are equally advantageous for adults and children and can be utilized in therapeutic equine programs for those with special needs. Individuals ride with confidence, balance, and spend more time focusing on the fun or technique of their ride rather than risks.

The innovative new stirrups are already being used by professionals and amateur riders around Europe and will soon become available in more markets. The company’s first two offerings have already sold out and Ophena is taking pre-orders for June 2019. The stirrups are equally beneficial for a quiet ride or jumping competition.

Two models are available and each comes complete with a magnetic insole. The Ophena S is stainless steel with a silver sheen. Riders can also choose the Ophena T made from aerospace-grade titanium in silver, gold or black.

The Ophena Magnetic Safety Stirrups have been approved for show jumping by the Federation Equestre Internationale™ and several national bodies. The German Equestrian Federation has approved them for use in all disciplines.

The Magnetic Safety Stirrups by Ophena are a revolutionary new development for the safety of anyone involved in equestrian pursuits. They’re made to perform, stylish and have already been approved for use in competitions by some of the most prestigious equine organizations in the world.


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