P.M. Weekes Launches a New Book That Will Remind Us of some of the Healing Powers of Nature Which Can Help Us to Attain and Maintain Optimal Health


Author P.M. Weekes announces availability of her newly published book in an official launch event set on June 14th,2019.

P.M. Weekes released a new book entitled A Mix of Two Worlds – Nature’s Best from the East and the West for Optimum Health. This book shows how to maintain and improve one’s health by using natural health alternatives.  It also helps to dispel the fear of using natural modalities,  natural remedies and talking about mental wellness.


This book, published on April 9, 2019 was designed to help readers learn and understand about a Wonder Stone, Why Natural Health Alternatives Can Be Trusted, and Natural Remedies.





Date: June 14th, 2019

Time: 7 PM – 9 PM

Location: Artscape Wychwood Barns, Barn 4, 601 Christie St, Toronto ON M6G 4C7


Guest Speakers are Dr. Natasha Williams, C. Psych, Psychologist, Keynote Speaker, & Published Author and Dr. Raymond Chan, M.D. With Special Guests Pianist/Composer Micah Weekes and Writer/Performer Brandon Hackett.


For a limited time, the author is offering a limited number of FREE copies of the book.   


To get on the waiting list, interested people should go to http://peggyweekes.com/book/



About P.M. Weekes


P.M Weekes is the author of the book A Mix of Two Worlds – Nature’s Best from the East and the West for Optimum Health  (www.peggyweekes.com). This book is for anyone looking to start on a natural health journey or wishing to explore various natural health alternatives.  Peggy has embraced natural health alternatives as a means of achieving optimum health for both herself and her family. Peggy sees life as a journey where making even one small change daily can have long-lasting, positive effects, especially on one’s health.


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