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Parasmal Pukhraj Raichand Punmiya – CEO AND Founder of WikiTalkPedia is celebrating navvanu program in December – with all Rani Gaum Member’s and Community.

Parasmal Pukraj Raichand Punmiya also Donated previously blanket’s to Homeless people –
and Now with brother they organizing the Room and stay for almost 250 to 1000 people – for Entire December Month those who come and celebrating Jainism and Navaanu Tapasya at Palitana Tirth Dham

Thank you to All Who is Participating In December at Palitana on behalf of Parasmal Pukhraj Raichand Punmiya [Jain] -Dehuroad Vasi – at Pune – and His Dharm Patni – Pawan Bai Parasmal Punmiya [Jain] – Marwar Rani Gaon – Currently Residing In Pune –

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