PC Matic Antivirus Launches In Colombia and throughout Latin America


Colombia, Latin America, (June 4th 2019) – USA antivirus company, PC Pitstop, has announced that their flagship product, PC Matic is now available to purchase in Colombia, and throughout Latin America.


The news is long-awaited, for those who have followed the meteoric rise of PC Matic, the multi-award winning antivirus and ransomware software developer. Following an announcement in 2018, PC Matic (Colombia) has secured distribution in Latin America through leading cyber defense company, CybX Security, being the exclusive trusted vendor of PC Matic licenses in the region.


The release of PC Matic is also well timed, in that Colombia has made significant advances in cyber defense, since 2014, when attacks were frequent and devastating to the banking industry in Colombia alone. Latin America as a whole have been supported in their cyber defense efforts by USA advisors including well known companies like Cisco.


Colombia has not been short of headlines when it comes to cyber crime. Recent reports (2017) state that Colombia accounted for 8% of the attacks carried out in Latin America, resulting in a financial loss of US$6bn. Over 198 million cyber-attacks were recorded in 2017 alone in Colombia, monitored over 13,000 devices in the region.


PC Matic’s response to this has been stoic and well represented. The software does not rely on standard “whitelist” technology, where companies curate an ever-increasing list of known threats to protect devices. PC Matic has a proactive approach with their “automated whitelisting” technology, by tracking trusted applications only, and disallowing all other applications until they are whitelisted by PC Matic’s malware laboratories.


Worryingly, ransomware attacks in Colombia have become a large part of the global cybercrime landscape, being the most affected country in the world in 2018. Colombia saw a 199% rise in the number of cases from the previous year. It is reassuring to note, then, that ransomware is one of the topmost priorities for PC Matic, which users in Colombia will no doubt welcome. The automated whitelisting technology protects users in real time from ransomware attacks.


In a 2018 antivirus comparison by AV-TEST, PC Matic detected 100% of the malware instances. Malware, of course, is often the starting point for most users’ problems. Viruses, worms, ransomware and remote access tools (RATs) use malware as a means of distribution, and by using archaic whitelists, users are leaving themselves open to infection. PC Matic have received numerous awards and industry recognition, significantly for doing things differently when it comes to malicious software. Malware is 100% preventable using PC Matic’s built in shields.


The PC Matic Colombia website, https://pc-matic.co has links to many of their awards, testimonials and test results. A free download is also available so users can test drive the software on their devices.