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Dutch payroll and employee management company, Persoonality, has been listed in Kentico’s top 10 websites list published for August 2018. Kentico, one of the biggest CMS  and E-commerce marketing platform has placed Persoonality amongst other top business websites. While Persoonality is becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses their listing with Kentico adds the reason to the fact that they are indeed making a dent with their superior model of payroll services.


Persoonality’s Payroll System – Helping Businesses Manage Their Human Resource


 What makes Persoonality stand out and ahead from other human resource management services is that it not just helps businesses in their employee selection process but in fact, it takes up all the responsibilities involved including taking care of their salaries, taxation and all other legal requirements. The payrolling system means Persoonality, employs the personnel and professionals and the business owners get their workforce management taken care of. That translates to significant savings as a business owner can now cut on the human resource management costs incurred on the various process involved in managing a workforce.


Extended Service To Business From All Across Europe


While Persoonality has been helping small and medium size businesses in the Netherlands with their trademark payrolling services including support with legal and tax-related issues pertaining to hiring employees, it is also extending its services to all major European countries.


Persoonality as an emerging payroll organization explains: “ As a Payroll organization we help our clients with everything related to their workforce management; be it administering contracts with other companies, sourcing employees for selection process, working with other agencies involved like the taxation department, the Occupational Health and Safety Services and others we make sure that everything is taken care of. We share the burdens and risks of the business enterprises and employers we work with and help them grow.”


With the clear business case utility that Persoonality is bringing to employers it is no wonder that Kentico has placed it amongst the top 10 featured websites.

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